TOPWA: Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women

In 2017, Families First engaged 218 pregnant, high-risk women; 100% of the eight babies, born to TOPWA mothers, who were HIV positive, tested negative for HIV within six months.

Savings: $21,768 per year for every child born free of HIV.

Some of the women most at risk of unhealthy pregnancies and births are also among the most difficult to find. But, TOPWA has found a way to do so. TOPWA is an innovative outreach program for pregnant women at risk of HIV, HIV positive and/or pregnant substance abusing women. Trained staff work nights and weekends looking for the women in places they frequent – laundromats, bodegas, their neighborhoods and elsewhere. They engage them, develop trust, and let them know the services that are available to them.

The goals are to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS to newborns, lower the risk of substance exposure to newborn infants, and to reduce endangerment to newborns. Since 1999, 100% of babies whose mothers are HIV positive and enrolled in TOPWA have been born HIV negative. These babies are followed for a minimum of six months to ensure they continue to be healthy.