Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA)

By Marlene Passell | July 17, 2018

The pregnant women served through our TOPWA program have the opportunity to celebrate the anticipated birth of their babies each year when we host a baby shower just for them. In addition to playing games and enjoying lunch, each leaves with a basketful of baby clothing and products and even a certificate for a free car seat!

The goal of Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act (TOPWA), is to eliminate perinatal transmission of HIV. TOPWA is an innovative outreach program for pregnant women at risk of HIV, HIV positive and/or pregnant substance abusing women. TOPWA is a unique street outreach program where our specially trained staff members go out into the community and engage women who may be pregnant and at risk for HIV and substance abuse.

The goals are to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS to newborns, lower the risk of substance exposure to newborn infants and to reduce endangerment to newborns. Since 1999, 100% of babies whose mothers are HIV positive and enrolled in TOPWA have been born HIV negative. These babies are followed for a minimum of six months to ensure they continue to be healthy.

TOPWA staff work closely with Department of Health staff, including a nurse who works only with TOPWA HIV clients.