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Join The Families First Community Events Committee

The Families First Events Committee was formed to assist Families First in expanding its image in the community and fundraising for the Agency's programs. The following are areas that the committee is focusing on .

  • Playing a key role in the annual Families First Children's Day Award Luncheon.
  • Forming and organizing a Speakers Bureau for the Agency.
  • Assisting staff in identifying and attending health fairs and other community events/ functions.

The committee will be guided and assisted by the Chief Executive Officer and the Development Director. Meetings will be held quarterly or as designated by the committee at the Families First main office. Committee members will be encouraged to bring new members on to the committee once a year or as needed. Committee members will be asked to serve for two years.

For more information please contact:

Samantha Whiteman, Director of Development 561-318-4219 or
Thank you!


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