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Meet Our Leadership Team

Julie Swindler

Title: Chief Executive Officer 
Degree: MSW, LCSW 

About Julie

Roxanna Childs

Title: Deputy Director
Degree: MSW, LCSW, CAP

About Roxanna

Andres Torrens

Title: Clinical Director
Program: Behavioral Health Services
Degree: MSW, LCSW

About Andres

Yvette Branch

Title: Program Manager
Program: Healthy Families Palm Beach
Degree: MS, PhD pending

About Yvette

Mary Mitchell

Title: Clinical Director
Program: Child First
Degree: MSW, LCSW

About Mary

Kathryn Tancig

Position: Assistant Program Manager 
Program: Healthy Families 
Degree: BSW

About Kathy

Megan Johnson

Title: Program Director
Programs: Bridges to Success
Degree: MSW, Registered Clinical Intern

About Megan

Stardust Myrtil

Title: Program Supervisor 
Degree: BA
Program: Healthy Families

About Stardust

Sharonda Crawford

Title: Program Supervisor
Program: Healthy Families 
Degree: MA

About Sharonda

Marlene Passell

Title: Director of Communications and Marketing
Degree: BA Journalism, Mass Communications

About Marlene

Samantha Whiteman

Title: Director of Development

About Samantha

Mary Aguiar

Director of Finance & Administration 
Degree: BA, Business Administration 

About Mary

Brande Bradford

Title: Executive Assistant

About Brande