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Child First

Child First develops nurturing, consistent, and responsive parent-child relationships.

At Child First, we help struggling families build strong relationships that heal and protect young children from trauma and stress. We use a two-generation approach, working with parents and children together in their home. This is the best way to stabilize the family and build safe, responsive, nurturing relationships. Research shows this protects the child's developing brain from damage. Even in the face of extreme challenges, our children and families are making incredible progress.




When young children grow up in environments where there is violence, neglect, mental illness, or substance abuse, the stress can be toxic to their developing brains. But, we can intervene to prevent this damage. Scientific research demonstrates that we can make a difference if we:

  • Work to connect families to needed community-based services to decrease the stress, and
  • Build strong, loving, parent-child relationships that protect and heal the brain from trauma and stress. Our goal is a young brain focused on learning rather than a brain focused on survival.




Funded by:

Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, a special district created by Palm Beach County voters, provides leadership, funding and research on behalf of the county's children so they grow up healthy, safe and strong. 


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