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Bridges to Success

Did you know that homeless services for just one person can cost $31,000 a year? But, just providing permanent, supportive housing to that same person costs $10,000 per year. That's a savings of $21,000 for each family that we help through Bridges To Success.

Bridges To Success provides permanent housing for families in Royal Palm Beach and the Glades area of Palm Beach County. Clients enrolled in this program have been diagnosed with a medical or psychological disability that impairs their ability to be self-sufficient.  Once housing is secured, we work with clients and other organizations to help them on their path to self-sufficiency.

Tequesta -- A Success Story

In 2012, Tequesta lost her home and also became the single mother of her three children. Medical issues also forced her to retire from her job with the school district. With no financial support from her former husband and no job, the family plunged into dire financial straits.  Things worsened when her medical condition was diagnosed as terminal and she was also diagnosed with a heart condition that made daily functioning difficult.

Despite all the negatives, Tequesta has learned to take each day as it comes, appreciating every moment that she has. With the help of the Bridges To Success program, she has been able to go back to school to prove to her children that "despite any obstacles, one can achieve their goals."  She obtained her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in July 2014.  She is now looking for work that allows her to do so from home. 

Tequesta attributes her success to the motivation and help from her Bridges To Success worker, her doctor's persistence to find a way to improve her quality of life, and the support of her mother who stands by her every step of the way.


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