Kin Support Project

More and more children are being raised by a grandparent or other relative. Many are suddenly thrust into this role and have no idea where to go for help or even what type of services and financial help they may qualify to receive. Our Kin Support Project assists families who are raising a loved one’s children who have lost a parent due to death, incarceration or an inability to parent.

In collaboration with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., Families First’s Kin Support Project helps such families that often have a wide variety of issues and concerns, which include obtaining economic benefits and health insurance. Services include:

• Counseling and education
• Support groups
• Financial guidance
• Advocacy and Linkage to:
• Legal services
• Economic benefits
• Healthcare and health insurance
• Individual/family therapy
• Educational services through the school system

In 2017, Families First served 58 families including 138 children and 66 adults; 137 children remained with relative caregivers and out of the foster care system, a 99% success rate.

Cost Savings: Up to $105,131 for every child remaining with their family and out of the child welfare system.