Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA)

TOPWA is a street outreach program aimed at finding high-risk women and getting them services to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS to their babies.

In 2017, Families First engaged 218 pregnant, high-risk women; All of the babies born to TOPWA mothers who were HIV positive, tested negative for HIV within six months.

Savings: $21,768 per year for every child born free of HIV.

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Tanisha was one of the “shadow people,” unnoticed, wandering the streets of one of Palm Beach County’s poorest communities.  Pregnant, a victim of domestic violence, and now dependent on her parents for shelter, Tanisha, her two children and niece had escaped the violence by fleeing from a nearby city, leaving all she had known behind.

A chance encounter with an outreach worker from a unique program – Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA) became Tanisha’s turning point.

TOPWA is a signature program of Families First of Palm Beach County, a highly successful, 27-year-old nonprofit in Palm Beach County. It sends outreach staff into the toughest neighborhoods during non-traditional hours, searching streets, bodegas, laundromats and tenements for pregnant women whose unborn babies face high odds of unhealthy births because of their mothers’ circumstances. Many of the women are at high risk of being HIV positive or having AIDs.

The outreach worker engaged Tanisha in conversation, letting her know that she was looking for pregnant women to help them get into prenatal care and assist with other needs. Tanisha confided that she was pregnant.

The outreach worker got right to work with Tanisha, helping her transfer all of her needed services to Belle Glade – prenatal care, Medicaid, and food assistance. She also connected Tanisha with the Homeless Coalition to get her first month’s rent paid for a small apartment, helped her get into parenting classes, linked her with child care assistance, found clothing for her children, and gave her a grocery gift card.

With TOPWA’s help, Tanisha’s biggest worries were behind her and she found a job at a local laundromat, allowing her to pay her rent and begin to get back on her feet and provide a home for her children. Her baby boy is due soon and, because of the prenatal care his mother received, his chances of being born healthy are strong.


Get To Know Families First of Palm Beach County

For 27 years, Families First has been preventing child abuse, helping women have healthy babies, providing services to grandparents and others raising a loved one’s children, providing housing, keeping families together and helping them remain or return to self-sufficiency. The organization has served more than 40,000 children and their families.

Our mission is to advance the well-being of children and families through high-quality programs in prevention, early intervention, child development, behavioral health, education, and advocacy.

In 2017 alone, Families First’s Healthy Families program kept 770 children safe from abuse, 163 children received behavioral health services, 138 children remained with their grandparents and other caregivers and out of the foster care system, and all of the babies born to HIV positive women in our TOPWA program were born HIV negative because we got the moms into medical care, and 10 families were able to maintain housing despite physical and emotional issues due to our Bridges To Success program.

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