Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA) – Bringing pregnant, high-risk women out of the shadows.

A chance encounter with an outreach worker from a unique program – Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA) became Tanisha's turning point.

TOPWA is a signature program of Families First of Palm Beach County, a highly successful, 27-year-old nonprofit in Palm Beach County. It sends outreach staff into the toughest neighborhoods during non-traditional hours, searching streets, bodegas, laundromats and tenements for pregnant women whose unborn babies face high odds of unhealthy births because of their mothers' circumstances. Many of the women are at high risk of being HIV positive or having AIDs.

Come Back February 8th for the rest of Tanisha's story.

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. JOIN THE JEANS MOVEMENT!


While Families First works throughout the year to keep families together and children secure in loving, capable families, WE NEED YOU to help us and now, during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, is the perfect time.

We have created a fun way to involve every member of the community in bringing awareness to child abuse prevention -- The Community Denim Project. We are asking every business, school, and community group to join the effort by gathering your employees and peers on Friday, April 6. Ask them to donate $5 to be able to wear denim that day. Last year, more than 60 local businesses took part. Families First is hoping to double or triple that number this year and is also seeking to include local schools, both public and private.

The goal is to educate the entire community and remind everyone of the important role we all play in creating a safe and healthy future for our community's children.

The Community Denim Project is not just another cause or fundraiser – it is a movement that can collectively make an enormous difference to our county's most vulnerable – our children. Child abuse prevention requires community partnerships and this project provides a unique, fun, and inexpensive way to do just that. 

It's simple – get your business, organization, homeowners' association or school to donate $5 or more on April 6, Community Denim Day, in exchange for being able to wear jeans that day. Or, simply donate to the effort to increase child abuse prevention efforts.

Sign up for Community Denim Day



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